Before the Fall // Noah Hawley

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A tale of survival, as Scott Burroughs and a four-year-old boy fight fall victim to a mysterious plane crash somewhere between Martha's Vineyard and home. Is it a coincidence that it takes a large handful of influential individuals down with it?

I loved this novel. Before the Fall has all the makings of an amazing thriller: a plane crash, a mysterious and mismatched list of passengers, and narrative time flashes. I stumbled upon this novel while recommending titles for a friend. It had been awhile since I picked up a thriller, so I was intrigued. I actually began the book while on a plane. Perhaps not my brightest plan, but I am so glad I gave Hawley's writing a shot. 

What I loved most about this book was the character development of Scott, the protagonist. The arc of Scott's involvement in the story holds the lions share of responsibility for hooking the reader. It's unexpected and the character himself is so genuine and such a "typical" guy, despite the extraordinary turn of his life. Hawley also successfully creates young characters who speak as children do and act as children would. The dialogue of young characters represents this well.  Finally, the ending of this novel was so satisfying. I don't want to elaborate here but trust me. Read it.

Overall, I have no substantial criticism for Before the Fall. It was a great re-introduction to the thriller genre and I highly recommend the read. This is a great title for those looking to start reading again and for those interested in exploring the world of audiobooks.

Before the Fall
By Noah Hawley

Page: 400 // ISBN: 978-1455561780 // Publisher: Grand Central Publishing // Publication Date: May 2016 // Fiction - Thriller & Suspense