Big Little Lies // Liane Moriarty


A small town in Australia, a group of kindy moms & dads, and mysterious happenings swirl in a tornado of gossip in this juicy mild-suspense novel.

Any book I tear through in just under two days I have to give a five-star rating. Big Little Lies has been calling my name for months, ever since the television show blew up and won several Emmys. And I was delighted to find that it did not disappoint, as so many hyped reads do. The entire plot structure and the 3rd person omniscient narration makes a reader feel intimately involved in each character's life and also deeply intertwined and informed in the hurricane of gossip swirling around the community.

I felt the strong point of this novel was the character development. Jane kept me in suspense about her backstory for just long enough; Madeline is fierce, spunky, and hilarious yet still very human; and Celeste's character was angelically beautiful but still likable. The latter was perfectly positioned, as Moriarty constantly references her spacey behavior from other character's perspectives. 

Additionally, the way the character's interacted together was very charming and quite authentic. It felt very much like a group of female friends brought together by their love for their kids and a mutual interest (in this case, kindergarten). I really applaud the writing talent on Moriarty's part in bringing this community to life.

(Spoiler Alert) I do have one complaint. I don't like when mysteries / suspense novels don't give whodunnit clues. The perpetrator of the crime shrouded in mystery beginning on page one was committed by a slightly random character; the author gave us no real clues that she was the one. A hint dropped about Bonnie's childhood could have solved this. HOWEVER, I know this is very subjective. Please leave me a comment if I'm unobservant and totally wrong, because I'm not exactly Sherlock Holmes when it comes to guessing who did it in mysteries. 

Overall? Pick up this book if you want a good mild thriller with a lot of great characters and more gossip than you can keep track of. The writing is really well-done and you won't be disappointed.

PUBLICATION DETAILS: BERKLEY, 08/11/2015, 512 pp, 978-0425274866. Fiction -> Thrillers