6 Ways to Support Your Favorite Authors From Your Couch

Let's be honest here. We all love books. We love reading about them, talking about them, and sharing them. But when it comes to supporting the authors of those books, things get a little more daunting, right? Luckily, they don't have to be. It can be very easy to support your favorite authors ... so much so that you can do it from your couch! Here's how: 

1. Write reviews and rate on Amazon and on Goodreads (or wherever you bought the book)

This doesn't have to be a hard-hitting critical review that addresses lofty metaphors or waxes on about character development. Something as simple as "Amazing book, I read it in two days!" goes a long way. Think about what encourages you to read a book and say that. This is probably the absolute most helpful thing you can do, as the more ratings a book has, the more visible it becomes to new audiences!

2. Call or email your local library and indie book stores and request that they stock your favorite author's new book

Libraries order LOTS of books and their main goal is to please YOU, their local readers. Your opinion matters and librarians want to hear it! Same goes for indie book stores. Even better-- once you request the book, go buy it locally. Give back to your authors and give back to your community at the same time. You're basically a superhero now.

BONUS: Pre-order said books! A lot of times, you get a really sweet discount when you buy it early and it seriously helps build publicity around a book's launch when its pre-order numbers are strong.

3. Retweet them, like them on Facebook, follow and tag them on Instagram

Knowledge is power but REACH is also power. We all know that the more followers someone has, the more interest they will pique to new eyeballs. This is just a reality of the world right now. You can help out those authors and give them a like, a follow, or a retweet. This is a really easy one, because lots of authors thrive on social media because writing, duh. 

(Start here!

Instagram: @bitchesgottaeat (aka Samantha Irby) 

Twitter: Celeste Ng (@pronounced_ing); @MeganStielstra; @EveEwing )

4. Text a friend and say, "I just read the best book, do you want to borrow it??"

Recommend books all day! If you're here, you probably read ... a lot. And your friends probably trust your taste in books because of your passion. Harness that power and introduce them to authors you love and support. Who knows, you might be giving them their new favorite book. :)

5. Get on Facebook and create an event: Wine and Book Night! (bonus points if your company feels obligated to actually read it ;) )

This is a very fun and intellectual excuse to see all of your best friends in one place, in my humble opinion. Suggested copy for your event page? "Bring a book, a red, and a comment or you can't come!!" Even if no discussion actually happens due to the presence of wine, books will be read and fun will be had.

6. Go to your favorite author's website, find their contact form or email address, and tell them you loved their book. 

Not only is it lovely to hear your work is appreciated, it also can lead to a beautiful connection with someone you admire. What's not to love? Even if you never hear back, you can rest assured your love of their life's work is cherished and appreciated. I had a truly delightful conversation with a local author I adore the other day because I did this. Fangirling is totally acceptable via email.

Have any other ways? Questions about the publishing industry? Leave them for me in the comments or on my insta photos and I'll make a blog post about it! 

Ciao for now,