Black Friday for Book Lovers + Shopping Addicts

Hi my sweet friends! I hop you all had the most wonderful Thanksgiving, if you celebrated, full of turkey and time with loved ones. Mine was fabulous and I hate too much food and lost way too many games. As we speak I am considering going down to the kitchen for a midnight leftover snack ….

But, more importantly, it is now the legendary shopping day: Black Friday. I have compiled all the deals I’m eyeing and two of the deals I already went in on for all of you! I love shopping and it’s the best time to buy Christmas gifts that might be a litttttle bit out of your price range. I’d love to not care about BF, but I love shopping. So you could say Capitalism: 1, Megan: 0. I’m comfortable with this reality. Anyway, here are the deals! Tell me what you’re buying below. :)

Black Friday_2018_Wish List.png
  1. Barnes & Noble - 20% online (use BLKFRIDAY) or 25% off any one item in stores

    I fully intend to hit my local B&N tomorrow to pick up some books both as gifts to my loved ones and POSSIBLY one or two as a gift to myself … ;)

  2. Planners + books + home decor from - 30% (use THIRTYOFF)

    I used a Ban.Do planner for a full year and absolutely loved it in 2017. These planners are fun, as they come with stickers and cute reminders, but also are structured in a very productive, helpful way. Definitely recommend if you need a new one for 2019.

  3. The New Yorker subscription — 12 weeks for $6 + a free tote

    This is another thing on my Christmas wish list this year. I love reading The New Yorker when I find a copy at the dentist’s office or anywhere else I might be waiting, but I’d love to actually receive them to my home and set aside time to read the issues. Also, love that cartoon section. Judge me. This is a good time to sign up because it’s inexpensive (this deal is run regularly) but you also get the cute lil tote bag! (as if we all don’t have enough of those … ;) )

  4. Christmas trees - 40% off at Target

    Murat and I haven’t totally decided on artificial tree vs. real tree, but these are a great deal if you are firmly in the fake tree department! I’m very suspicious that they will go back to being very expensive for us procrastinators next week.

  5. Google Home mini - From $50 to $25

    I really want my house to be a Smart house, mostly because we have no ceiling lighting in our bedroom and telling a tiny baby computer to turn my lights off sounds GREAT. BF is a great time to invest in starting your Smart home collection.

    Also, if you’re like me and like to do research on these things, here’s an article I read about the Google Home vs. Amazon Alexa. :)

  6. Kajo earrings - 50% off

    I have been following Kajo Jewels on Instagram for months and lusting over their adorable, trendy earrings. The tortoiseshell resin styles and the insane line art-style faces are my personal favorites.

  7. Levi Jeans - 40% off (use the code INDIGO)

    I have needed a pair of black jeans for … practically as long as I can remember at this point, so I finally pulled the trigger. I own two pairs of Levis and I love them to death!I went for the Wedgie Fit Straight Leg in Black Heart.

  8. Artistic Bae Co. - 50% off everything

    I’m mad about this one because this is one of those companies I found because Instagram is ALWAYS advertising this sweater to me. Well, it worked. Are you happy now IG?!? But, I do think this sweater is so fun and that price made me finally pull the trigger on it. (This company also has similar line art earrings as Kajo!)

  9. H & M home section - 30% off

    I looooove H&M’s homeware. This is a more recent addition to this massive store’s range and they’ve really been nailing it. I think if you’re dcorating a home and looking for details, this is the move for you. Some things I’m looking at:

Alright, that’s a wrap! I did lots of my Christmas shopping outside of Black Friday, which I don’t always do, but there are a few small things I picked up form this list. With that in mind, though, no more looking at sales for me this year before my wallet revolts. ;)

Happy shopping!

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