Cowboys Don't Cry // Anne McAllister


Okay, if you know anything about me, you know that I am a total sap. And if you know anything about my reading habits, you may know that after reading a particularly heavy novel I like to binge read a cowboy romance. I have no idea why but I do love it.

So, today's cowboy romance is Cowboys Don't Cry. This novel was extremely average. It did everything I wanted it to do but my problem is the characters. They are so extreme that it casts the entire plot into question. Tanner is too sullen, Maggie too perfect. Bottom line? This would never happen. If you're looking for something light and romantic, sure go for it. But there are so many better ones out there. 


truculent // overwrought

Page: 238
ISBN: 978-1944925260
Publisher: Tule Publishing Group
Publication Date: March 2016