DIY Art Installation for Your Blank Wall

Hi, all!

Today, we are tackling an issue that happens to almost all of us as we move into new spaces: The Massive, Blank Wall.

We all have it. That one spot that needs some SERIOUS art because it can’t handle any more furniture. So, what do you put there? I spent an embarrassing amount of time trolling the internet for pieces I could customize to fit my own blank wall.

Finally, I found the perfect idea that would allow me to both take up lots of space and also personalize it to the max. It came from one of my favorite YouTube home decor creators, The Lone Fox. Here is the how-to video (right here!) for you to take a look at yourself. I recommend you look at his, too, because it will show you just how easy this project is to customize!

This project is also an awesome way to establish a color story in your space. I opted for mostly black and white, with green, blue, and light pink color accents.

Drum roll …. here is how it turned out!


  • Macrame cording

  • Black Clips

  • Wooden Dowell (purchased at the hardware store. I chose the largest size.)

  • Magazines / Photos

  • Scissors or an Xacto knife


  1. Use an Xacto knife or scissors to cut out photos of all different sizes from magazines. Lay out all photos on a table or on the floor so you can see how they look together. Cut out lots of extras so you have options!

  2. Wrap the macrame cord around the wood dowell three times, then tie a knot. Tie another knot around the black clip. At this point the cord should hang down from the dowell with the clip at the bottom.

  3. Vary the length of the cords, layer your photos, and have fun creating your vision! Don’t be afraid to hang them from the corner to make a diagonal piece, like Drew did, or hang them straight, like I did.


Personally, I decided to utilize a magazine created in my own neighborhood, as it allowed me to use photos that mean a lot to Murat and I. Photos from our little corner of Chicago really made the piece feel like it belonged in our home. I also printed out full sized black and white photos to add to the collage.

For this project, I thrifted magazines for $1 since it doesn’t matter if they’re all current! Check out my Instagram for lots of updated photos.