Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body // Roxane Gay


A memoir from Roxane Gay, author of New York Times' Best Selling essays Bad Feminist (among many others) that frankly discusses rape, obesity, and society on each. From being totally lost in the world to finding success, Gay uses her life as a lense to serve up the large scoop of reality that many of us need.

Wow, this memoir took me for a ride. Hunger was my first dabble in Roxane Gay's body of work and I do think I'll be back for more. This memoir tells Gay's story of being fat and what that means to her, what it means to society as a whole, as well as her rape & it's role in her obesity.

Gay's writing is really beautiful. She has spent her life writing and it's so obvious. I underlined more in this book than I have in all the books I read this summer combined, and not always because Gay was being prolific or especially profound, but often because she was just being honest. She has taken an awful thing that happened to her and built her life around it, for better or worse. Her approach to discussing obesity made me really consider my own place in society, the space I take up, and the superiority complex of small people. The whole memoir gave me a new perspective and, I think, made me a better human. 

Highly recommend you read this important work and internalize Gay's message. Grab some tissues, because this is no fluffy read.

PUBLICATION DETAILS: Harper, 6/13/17, 978-0062362599, 320 pp.. Non-Fiction-> Memoir