Links // Lisa Becker


In high school, Charlotte wanted Garrett but all she was to him was his tutor. Now, a decade or so later, Charlotte is a NYT best-selling author with a promising career in front of her and Garrett, a pro golfer, sees her with new eyes. Love ensues.

This weekend, all I wanted was a cozy romance to zip through before Monday waltzed in to ruin the party; enter Links, a short but sweet tale of love and redemption. No one is at their peak self in high school, including our main characters Charlotte and Garrett, and this book will allow you to vicariously rise above your awkward high school self.

The characters in this book were sweet, if a bit predictable. I really enjoyed Charlotte's role as an author and the way her fame played out throughout the novel. Garrett, too, was a lovable man that was easy to root for, which I look for in a romance. The supporting characters were well-developed and I wanted to know more about the family dynamic surrounding the Stephens family! In particular, a weekend at the cabin with a fun-to-read drinking game represents the full scope of the tertiary characters. 

If you’re looking for a romance filled with never-before-used tropes, look elsewhere; however, if you’re looking for a reliable happy-ever-after, you’ll be happy you picked up Links.  

Overall? The novel isn't in my top romance favorites, but it was well-written and sweet and I almost finished it in one sitting, so clearly entertaining!


Thank you to Desert Breeze Publishing for sending me an ARC of this title.

PUBLICATION DETAILS: Desert Breeze Publishing; August 1, 2017; 229 pp; Fiction -> Romance