Modern Romance // Aziz Ansari

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This audiobook taught me an important lesson: always read the back cover. Just because the author is a celebrity doesn’t mean their novel is going to be “started from the bottom now we here” memoir about their stand-up comedy career. Ansari’s book, Modern Romance, is actually a fairly scientific exploration of today’s dating culture …. Who knew?? Not me, clearly.

After this fact was clarified within the first chapter, I decided to stick it out and I think this was a good choice. I am not currently online dating and have never attempted to online date before, but Ansari brought up a lot of really interesting cultural phenomenon’s that present themselves through modern romance, but can be extrapolated into a more general subject. One in particular I have been pondering since finishing this audiobook is Ansari’s exploration of choices. He says (& I’m paraphrasing here) that having so many choices, as we do today in dating and in life thanks to the Internet, can actually make us less satisfied as human beings. We take all those choices and create one perfect, unachievable Frankenstein. Having less choices assures that you just … pick one. I have noticed this a few times in my own life since putting the book down and I think Ansari might be onto something. Pick up Modern Romance for a more succinct, thorough explanation of this theory.

Finally, I enjoyed Ansari’s narration of his novel via the audiobook. In this case, I would have gotten less out of reading the book myself simply because 1) I wasn’t terribly drawn to the subject and 2) some of it is quite factual. So five stars for Ansari’s humor as a narrator.

Page: 288
ISBN: 978-0143109259
Publisher: Penguin Group
Publication Date: June 2016