Hello again!

Yesterday I made my valiant returned from a six day mini vacation (from my semester-long vacation) in Germany and the Czech Republic! I am absolutely beat (my FitBit tells me we walked the equivalent of two full marathons over the week!) but the trip was another great one for the books.

This trip was a little different from some of the others I’ve talked about in that I went with only one other person. It was a really nice change from a larger group setting because we found we had parallel interests and conversation to last easily six years. Also, it’s worth noting that he can read a paper map with enviable ease which, thankfully, offsets my own fairly incompetent navigational system.

I brought my limited Deutsch to the table on this trip. Did I impress anyone with harsh syllables or well placed umlauts? No. But did I have fun remembering a few things from high school German years? Also no.

Anyway, without further ado, welcome to the photo documentation of everything I did ever in Berlin, including:

– Museum Bode on Museum Island

– German Parliament – Reichstag dome (which had security to put TSA to shame)    

-pub crawl of Alternative Berlin (where we very unsuccessfully played Around the World ping pong and got stuck in a furniture elevator with some Bulgarians)

-Tiergarten (where we collapsed in the sun with Haagen-Dazs)

-Berlin Victory Column (spiraling up 300+ stairs has become a weekly activity over here)  

-East Side Gallery (where we joined the masses in a (not quick at all) photo shoot)  

-Memorial Church and its new, very photogenic, counterpart

-that gorgeous tower of brunch

Thanks for the fun Berlin, I'll be back for you someday!