Meaty // Samantha Irby

A book of essays and also a book full of gritty, gross real life.  Irby brushes nothing under the rug - perhaps she even picks up the rug and shows her reader what's underneath. I found myself laughing aloud at stories both relatable and not. One in particular about a sensitive tooth and a spring breeze had me in stitches and I still think about it often. However, the author also discusses her rough start, complicated family history, and her difficult disability. I love Irby's voice and the absolute control she takes of her life through these essays. I have lent out this book twice already and will certainly continue to do so. If you're looking for a funny book with a lot of depth, go find Meaty!

P.S. Meaty is being made into an FX TV series under the same name with Broad City's Abbi Jacobson!!

Page: 253
ISBN: 978-0988480421
Publisher: Curbside Splendor Publishing
Publication Date: September 2013