Glass Sword // Victoria Aveyard

A sequel to Red Queen, Glass Sword follows Mare, Cal, Shade, and the rest of the Scarlet Guard in their quest to discover "newbloods" or those with both Silver and Red blood and, more importantly, incredible talents that exceed even the Royals. 

The story picks up exactly where Red Queen leaves off, a detail I found both engaging and also satisfying. There's not much left uncovered with Victoria Aveyard and that is a triumph of her Red Queen series. Glass Sword is action packed in the most unique way due to the battles of wit from the Reds of the Scarlet Guard and the battles of sheer power from Mare, the newbloods, and the Silvers. Glass Sword also further develops Mare as a character and as a dark hero. I find that the best heroes strike a balance between a bold, powerful individual who can do no wrong and a kind, sweet individual who dances around trouble with ease. Aveyard comes pretty close to this balance with Mare in the second installment of the series, as the character tries to navigate her newfound symbolism to her world, come to terms with the death and destruction she is responsible for, and save her people. 

The end of Glass Sword is actually quite surprising and I thought it was a great ( slash terrible, Mare-wise) wrap up to the story. Not only did Mare not end up with Cal, but she sacrificed herself for the Scarlet Guard, the Reds, and the Newbloods all while facing her betraying ex-betrothed. Though it wasn't a happy ending by any stretch of the imagination, I think it shows courage as an author to deny an ends-tied-up finale to a series. 

Here's to hoping for another Red Queen book! Has anyone read the spin-offs? If so, how were they?

Page: 464
Publisher: HarperTeen
Publication Date: February 2016