Not That Kind of Girl // Lena Dunham

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Hello my lovely readers! Today I bring to you my first ever intentional audiobook.

Intentional because as a young human I was often subjected to long car rides filled with the unabridged voice of some man or woman narrating a fictional tale to my parents. As an angsty teen who just wanted to jam to Taylor Swift as a country star and Maroon 5’s latest masterpiece, it was terrible. Also, one narrated sex scene on a family road trip and the entire thing is off the rails. Thus, I was scarred by the world of audiobooks.

Until now.

Now, I am an actual adult and I realize that things like books and Maroon 5 albums are expensive as hell. Enter, the app Overdrive. Essentially, a library of free books to download and listen to on your phone and a world of free ebooks to download and peruse on your eReader. Pretty amazing, huh? I agree. Keep those sex scenes to your headphones though, for the love of God.

So, we come to Lena Dunham reading aloud her book Not That Kind of Girl. I give this book 1 on my scale, which is what it deserves. Though it had humorous parts and Dunham’s voice was nice to listen to, it was so problematic. There is an entire chapter devoted to her molesting her baby sister and writing it off like that's normal. No, Lena, just because you share something in your book doesn't mean it's okay. AND she considered this unattractive charade of feminism, but seems to bend it to fit her will in whatever situation she finds herself in. Not cute.

She also hit my least favorite cliche of all time, the humble brag disguised as “Celebrities—they’re just like us”. 

One more frivolous gripe: at one point, Dunham spends about thirty minutes of the audiobook reading aloud a sort of “My Fitness Pal”-esque food journal. For example, “one piece of broccoli…. 6 calories. Blueberry muffin….220 calories.” It is DULL. I will say that this could be a symptom of the audiobook, since in an actual book I would have skimmed the hell out of something like that.

For the sake of the record, I imagine it strikes a stronger cord with those who watch the hit TV series starring Dunham, “Girls.” I do not. But, in summation, Not That Kind of Girl is not a read worth picking up.

Page: 320
ISBN: 978-0812985177
Publisher: Random House Trade Paperbacks
Publication Date: October 2015