One Day in December by Josie Silver

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Laurie found the love her life through a bus window one day in December… and then lost him just as quickly as the bus pulled away. The fleeting, but powerful connection she felt with “bus boy” led to a year-long search for him. The only place she didn’t expect him to turn up? On the arm of her best friend, Sarah.

This book utterly charmed me! Not your typical, predictable holiday love story, it takes us all over the map and thoroughly exercises our emotional range. Our main character, Laurie, is a practical woman turned romantic at the spark of passion between herself and a stranger on a bus, and from there we, too, can buy into the idea of love at first sight. When we meet the infamous “bus boy” aka Jack, Laurie’s best friend’s boyfriend, we begin to understand the spark. I loved reading from both character’s perspectives and being fully in the know, even when our characters were in full denial mode. I was pleased to discover that I found the story utterly believable, despite the almost fantastical storyline.

Characters development is my number one concern while reading, and I am happy to report that the characters are dynamic and entertaining in One Day in December. I loved Sarah’s force-of-nature lifestyle, especially in contrast to Laurie’s fun-yet-realistic style. I believe that the two of them have created this close-as-sisters bond because they aren’t cookie cutters of each other and we do often find the most unlikely perfect pair in college. The strength of their friendship is really the backbone of the story, and it makes the romances that transpire feel more important because the two of them always prioritize each other and ultimately preserve their friendship.

Speaking of love interests, our leading man, Jack, goes from being great to horrible and back again. I love an emotional rollercoaster, so I found his character very fun to read about. I thoroughly hated Oscar the entire time and he was the only character that read a bit flat to me. At times, I felt it was unrealistic that he is obsessed with Laurie with no range of feelings at all. However, this didn’t really take away from the story to me because, in some ways, he needed to move the plot along and I can’t fault him for that.

There are certainly other things I could critique in One Day In December, but I really don’t want to because I thought it was overall such a romantic, fun, well-written novel. Many holiday books leave something to be desired in those categories so I was very happy to experience many Christmases with Sarah, Laurie, Jack, and Oscar.

Overall? If you’re looking for a fun December read, definitely pick this one up. It will fill your heart up and prep you for the holidays!

PUBLICATION DETAILS: Broadway Books; October 16, 2018; 978-0525574682; 416 pp; Fiction -> Holiday