Red Queen // Victoria Aveyard

New year, new book genres. In 2017, I am making an effort to expand my horizons and read beyond my typical realistic fiction and non-fiction bubble I occasionally find myself circling. 

I started this journey with a venture into a dystopian world made up of elite Silvers and lowly, but powerful Reds. Red Queen is a popular read right now, and I can see why. Aveyard creates interesting, unique characters that are not your perfect heroines or your cookie-cutter male leads. I really liked the female main character, Mare. She is far from a model citizen and is extremely confused on which signals from her heart she should follow, but she is also strong and she believes in herself. Her clever mind will lead to three more good books, I hope.

Beyond the success of Aveyard's characters is the impressively creative world building. I commend the author for the extremely dark projection of a human society because I think it's a hard line to walk between dark-and-I-don't-want-to-read-it and dark-and-this-could-really-happen-in-an-alternative-reality. When talking about Red Queen, I can't leave out the plot twists, which are nicely shrouded and, honestly, heart-wrenching, or the STUNNING cover. I am sad my Kindle is black and white in this case, because this book is gorgeous. 

I cannot wait to read Glass Sword, the next book in the series. I'll keep you updated! In the meantime, recommend me good fantasy books or any other books you've loved lately.