Unwifeable by Mandy Stadtmiller


A tell-all memoir about the relationships, black-outs, and therapy sessions of a New York Post writer.

I love a good gossip dish. Especially when it’s served up from someone who knows what they’re talking about. That title certainly fits Mandy Stadtmiller, as her resume includes a long stint writing features at the notorious Page Six (aka the New York Post) as well as other publications like xoJane and Maxim. Eventually, she finds her niche writing a dating column in which she takes a deep dive into her own love life-- often at the expense of it.

In this book, Stadtmiller does what she does best and bares it all for the reader as she tells us about her journey. You’re going to learn about her many one-night stands, insane relationships, and brushes with extreme danger while also going with her to fabulous publicity events and wild parties with celebs. All of this, I’m here for. Go crazy, live your life, but also take a leaf out of this author’s book and acknowledge the times you were reckless and straight-up horrible to your body. Perhaps even seek improvement via therapy, meetings, and life changes, like Statdmiller eventually does. Books that talk about accepting oneself and also accepting other people's help to change a bad course are so important and Stadtmiller writes about the highs and lows effectively.

Unwifeable is very well-written and kept me engaged throughout, even when I was staring at the words with wide-eyed horror. Stadtmiller’s life itself is dark and a HOT mess, but the writing and story-telling of her memoir is flawless, thanks to her career in entertainment writing. This book wasn’t for me because I found the constant name-dropping to be grating and the story itself to be a bit hopeless; however, I do think other people will really enjoy the journey.

Overall? If you love celebrities, gossip, and reading about a wild woman’s journey towards self-love and getting her shit together, Unwifeable is going to be right up your alley.

PUBLICATION DETAILS: Gallery Books; april 3, 2018; 336 pp; 9781501174032