San Antonio, TX

Hey y’all!

It’s been three point five days, and I’m pretending I have a Southern twang. I guess that’s what a long weekend in Texas does to a girl.

This weekend, I opted to take a pause on studying and, you know, graduating college to traipse through the Lone Star state with some of my favorite travel friends. (Catch them in all of my London pictures from my study abroad semester!) I had the best time. Amongst many other things, I discovered that actual Texans are impervious to 95 degree heat in ways Midwesterners are just not, that the stereotype of “big everything” applied to our appetites, everything in Texas is incredibly colorful, and, most recently, that TSA doesn’t consider barbecue sauce a liquid—thank God.

Our home base was San Antonio, where our lovely friend and tour guide lives. In a word, the city is just so cute. On every corner find a mural or a margarita, and the river running through the place is the perfect backdrop for just about everything. The city was celebrating Fiesta on our first day, so we picked up some flower crowns (my favorite thing) and spread confetti across the world with the best of them. We spent the weekend sipping drinks on riverboats, cracking cascarones, eating an inappropriate amount of guacamole, and, briefly, remembering the Alamo.



We also took a day trip to Austin. It was quick, but we made the most of it, to say the least. We walked about a million miles and hit every cutsie shop in a ten-mile radius. A trip to the capital isn’t complete without barbecue, so we headed to a food truck called Brown’s Bar-be-que. I lived my best life via that brisket and pulled pork. 



San Antonio

La Gloria—  tacos + yummy Prickly Pear margaritas

The Luxury— cutest outdoor spot with swings, a bocce court, and really good burgers

Ocho at Hotel Havana— brunch with a beautiful, teal greenhouse restaurant


Brown’s Barbeque— a food truck where you can eat your weight in smoked meats and love every second of it

Clarke’s Oyster Bar— summer house vibes with amazing food