Seattle, Washington

Ah, the PNW. How I love you.

Since about 2013, I have had a vague dream of moving to Portland or Seattle. The people are wonderful, the coffee is awesome, and the environment is just really happy. In September, I flew to Seattle for two seconds (okay, 48 hours) to celebrate my dad and his career achievements. While there, my family and I did some speed-exploring. 

Discovery Park - amazing. Nothing warms my heart faster than nature in close proximity to a city, as they are 1. my favorite things and 2. not often found together. We took the most beautiful hike through the forest and down to a beach. The way up had my calves burning on day two, I might add. 

Seattle Aquarium- highly over-priced, but charming nonetheless. My sister and I regressed to the age of six while petting sea anemones (I could have been at that one tank all day), watching two very large octopi squish around, and laughing at dementor seals. 

Foooood- A post of mine cannot go up without a shrine to delicious meals consumed. In this case, I was very impressed by Portage Bay Cafe. Really good coffee, really good banana's foster french toast. (are you drooling??) Naturally, we also stopped by Pike Place Market a few times and had some amazing clam chowder and some average smoothies.

I seem to have amazing luck with weather in the PNW--  I'm certainly not complaining but someday I hope to go while its raining over there. I really hate rain, so this thought is purely for research purposes. Will I move to Portland or Seattle? Check back after I inspect from within a thunderstorm.

Where should I go next??