Second Summer


Welcome back to my love of western romances!

My preference for this rather specific genre has no explainable origin but nonetheless, I have read MANY a cowboy love story. Second Summer, the first of a series entitled McClarens of Fire Mountain Contemporary, is a novel I've had downloaded on my Kindle for around three years but never cracked open. 

Unfortunately, the book was not my cup of tea. With romances, I don't mind a predictable plot. In fact, I would argue that it is an intentional choice to make the narration, in some ways, predictable in tune with the Happily Ever After destination. So, in this way, Second Summer is what I expected and was looking for out of a western romance. However, I cannot excuse the flat characters in Second Summer. Heath, the main character, was unrealistic through and through and I often found myself rolling my eyes at his lines. His female counterpart was slightly better, but lacked a certain depth one searches for in a love story.

Overall? Pass on it.

Page: 189
ISBN: 0989677346
Publisher: Avalanche Ranch Press
Publication Date: February 2014