Seriously... I'm Kidding // Ellen Degeneres


Ellen Degeneres- comedian talk show host, activist, and author. Ellen clearly wears many hats in this life; however, I don't think "author" is her strongest. Seriously... I'm Kidding was certainly entertaining and usually humorous. Her writing was true to personality and most of her jokes landed. But, it was just another celebrity musing that sold copies due to fame and not authorial success.

I will say, Ellen made a point that has stuck with me since I read the piece in July. She discusses the human tendency to be hyper-protective over personal belongings, particularly in airports. Bags are labeled, tracked, and watched. Then, suddenly a passenger lands and their bag circulates, unmanned, on a carousel for hours! I have thought about this exact scenario my whole life. Inconsequential, i know. But my point is, the book itself doesn't tackle anything ground breaking and you wouldn't miss a thing if you never so much as read the back cover. BUT, the work is not devoid of interesting or thought provoking thoughts. 

Overall? Skip it, unless you're a die-hard Ellen fan. 

Page: 256
ISBN: 978-0446585040
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication Date: September 2012