Tacky Goblin // T. Sean Smith

What the hell??

A constant mental refrain throughout this novella, but what a great read. Tacky Goblin is framed as a journal with dated entries, sometimes daily and sometimes skipping months ahead. Don't try to make sense of this novella, just let the words and the resulting images wash over you. One entry involving a hair running internally from the scalp of a supporting character straight through to the toe was so cringey, yet so fascinating to read. I couldn't stop. That image has haunted me for a month now. Think about what an amazing impact that is. One whole month thinking about one two-hundred (ish) word entry. 

All I can say is go. Go pick this up. Read it in no more than two sittings. And at the end, think about life and how hard it can be to get through if you take things too literally or too seriously. Thank you T. Sean Smith for this.

Page: 118
ASIN: B01F1G68K8
Publisher: Curbside Splendor Publishing
Publication Date: April 2016