The Bollywood Bride // Sonali Dev


Life as a celebrity and actress must take a back seat as Ria goes home for the first time in years for a wedding ... and an encounter with Vikram, the one that got away.

Okay, I FLEW through Bollywood Bride. What's interesting is that the plot did not make any impression on me; the characters completely carry this story. Ria, the narrator, was beautifully constructed. Despite her celebrity factor, she was relatable and kind. Her dark relationship with Vikram tapped every romantic bone in my body and pointed to true passion.

I do wish Dev had pushed the boundaries of gender politics more in the places where she lightly brushes the subject. Ria is perched on a precarious platform within the Bollywood film industry that could easily tilt into a statement on a woman's agency over her own body and the gendered differences that define success in Hollywood.

Nevertheless, the setting of the novel is in my own neighborhood in Chicago, which rounded out this novel as quite the page-turner. Would definitely read a sequel.


"You can't learn anything from losing someone you love. Any lesson you learn from that isn't a lesson. It's a compromise with life.” 

"And his eyes back up his words, every single one of them." 

Page: 352
ISBN: 978-1617730153
Publisher: Kensington
Publication Date: September 2015