Hi y’all!!

I am officially in my LAST MONTH of study abroad!!! So busy, so sad, so excited, so …poor? Don’t worry though, I still have a few last tricks and trips up my sleeve! I’m considering this last month as the sudden death round of my semester in London (as in, I may suddenly die from exhaustion before I make it back to America) and I certainly will be taking advantage of each day.

I have been into all sorts of shenanigans these past two weeks….

I took a roadtrip over to Wales for the day on Saturday and completed my rotation of the United Kingdom countries. As with Scotland, Ireland, and England, rain accompanied me. However, a little bit of mist does wonders to the ambiance of a castle.

On the way up to Wales from London, we passed through the Welsh valleys. The fields were absolutely littered with these beautiful yellow flowers and so many sheep. We also did a little sightseeing of Cardiff, the capital of Wales. We (oddly) drove by the local prison, a few nice gardens, a freshwater wharf of some sort, a large castle in the middle of the town, and the church where Robert Dahl (author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) was baptized. Wales is a strange place.