Yes, Chef // Marcus Samuelsson


Marcus Samuelsson's memoir, Yes, Chef, is one of the best non-fiction books I have picked up in awhile. Full of gorgeous food imagery, exotic travel, and, most importantly, passion. Not one single individual reading this novel can argue that Samuelsson is not passionate about food or his heritage as an Ethiopian or as a Swede, adopted or not. 

I was hungry for a week straight while I listened to this book. Samuelsson tells of his time as a chef from the very beginning-- culinary school through Switzerland, the USA, France, and finally Harlem in New York City. He cooks and delicately depicts the flavor tones of his signature foie gras dish. He describes classic Ethiopian spices so intricately, I feel I have smelled and tasted them. Samuelsson reminisces on making chicken stock with his grandmother in such an all-encompassing way, I feel as though I was at the table to try it. Reading this memoir was an absolute treat.

Overall, Samuellson's book hit all the marks for me. Passionate food journey, inspiring success story spurred on by incredible dedication and perseverance, and heart-warming reconnection with family. I loved it, and highly recommend if anyone out there is searching for some non-fiction.

Page: 315
Publisher: Random House
Publication Date: 2012