You, Me, Everything // Catherine Isaac


Jess and her ten-year-old son William are spending their summer on a chateau in France – with William’s father, Adam, who has been largely absent from his son’s life. This summer is a last ditch attempt to appease Jess’s mom, who is in the late stages of a terminal disease, and also a last chance for Adam to be the father he has never been.

As soon as I pulled this book out of its envelope, I was absolutely delighted by the gorgeous cover and the promise of a beautiful literary escape to France. Unfortunately, You, Me, Everything did not deliver. While I liked the premise and adored Jess’s relationship with her parents and her independence while bringing up her son, I was frequently bothered by the character inconsistencies and the distracting side plots of the novel.

There were a lot of characters in this book. Jess’s hot friend Natasha, who dates a younger man and also a very self-centered man simultaneously, Jess’s married college friends who are struggling with their relationship as they bring up their three children, and Charlie, the attractive dad whom Jess briefly dates at the chateau. A majority of these side stories are underdeveloped and, yet, time-consuming. We were going somewhere quite cute with the secondary love interest, Charlie, but he was very abruptly cut out of the story and replaced by William’s father.

Which brings me to my main issue with this book. Many of you may disagree, but the inconsistencies with Jess agreeing to marry William’s father, Adam, in the end are completely mindboggling. She spends the entire book taking care of her son, William, alone, reflecting on hard times with Adam as he was unfaithful and unsupportive throughout their relationship, and, back in the present, walking in on Adam with his hot, young girlfriend. Then, ONE rain storm, ONE romantic moment in a closet, and she agrees to marry him? Agrees to let him into her life and, more importantly, her son’s life with open arms? Ridiculous and completely out of line with the responsible, thoughtful character development of Jess for the first 300 pages. I wanted to chuck this book out the window by the end.

Overall? Nope. You don’t need this book in your life, even though it will make your shelf beautiful.

This book was sent to me for free by Riverhead Books.

PUBLICATION DETAILS: Pamela Dorman Books; 05/01/2018. 978-0735224537; 368 pp.